Carpet Cleaning

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How to Use Your Rug Doctor Machine to Clean Carpets

When cleaning an entire room, move furniture to the centre of the room. Begin cleaning where furniture was, then return furniture to its original location. Avoid staining carpet by placing tin foil under furniture legs. Clean the remainder of carpet. When finished, leave tin foil under furniture legs until the carpet is completely dry. Complete the following steps to clean your carpets.

Before You Begin

Using a normal dry vacuum cleaner, sweep the area you want to clean to remove loose dirt before using the Rug Doctor machine. This helps keep the brushes and water vacuum system efficient.

Pre-treat any special problem areas with the appropriate Rug Doctor solutions.

Set Up

For deep cleaning, add 150ml of Carpet Detergent (1/2 cup) per 10 Litres of hot tap water. For heavily soiled carpets you may use 300ml per 10 Litres (1 cup) of hot tap water. Do not use water hot enough to scald or burn skin. Apply as directed by machine instructions. Tested in leading consumer deep cleaning or hot water extraction machines. Mix only with water. The lower tank C capacity for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is 10 Litres. (ILLUS.1)

Lower the retaining wire A and remove the white UPPER tank B.

Fill the LOWER tank C with the cleaning solution you just mixed by pouring through the white filter screen. The Machine is full when liquid halfway covers filter screen. (ILLUS.2)

If using Rug Doctor Anti-Foam, add 60ml( 1/4 cup) to white UPPER tank B (ILLUS.3).

Slip tank back in place and seal tank and clear dome D securely by replacing retaining wire A (ILLUS.4).

Check the back of the machine to ensure hose connections are secure and set up to clean carpet instead of upholstery. (ILLUS. 5)

Plug in the power cord and position the machine. Refer to label on top of the machine E. Press the “ON” switch for CARPET cleaning on the top of the machine (ILLUS.6).

Start Cleaning

While depressing the red button on the handle F(ILLUS.7), pull the machine slowly and steadily backwards in a straight line, keeping vacuum slot G against the carpet surface.

You will begin to see soiled solution entering the clear dome D. (If you don’t, stop and refer to the Troubleshooting section.) IMPORTANT: When depressing the handle button, keep the machine moving so the vibrating brush does not agitate in one place. (ILLUS.8)

Release the button 6 to 12 inches before ending each pass to stop cleaning solution. Tilt machine back and push it forward to position it for another backwards cleaning pass (ILLUS.9).

Continue cleaning in this manner, overlapping each pass slightly. When the lower tank runs out of cleaning solution, the pump sound will increase in volume slightly and dirty water will stop entering the dome. Switch the machine “OFF”. Remove and empty the white UPPER tank B by pouring the dirty solution into a toilet or outdoors (ILLUS.10).

Rinse the upper tank and refill the LOWER tank C with clean solution/water mixture. If you are near the end of your cleaning job, fill the LOWER tank half full so it empties by the end of your job. Replace the upper tank B. Continue the cleaning process until area to be cleaned is covered.

When cleaning is complete, switch the machine OFF. To drain and clean the machine.