Upholstery Cleaning

Always use Anti-Foam with Upholstery Cleaner or when needed to prevent excess suds in the upper (white) tank. If the Rug Doctor machine ingests foam through the dome filter, damage to the carpet and vacuum motor could result.

Before you begin:

Prepare surfaces for cleaning by thoroughly vacuuming or brushing. When cleaning and drying cushions, first spread sheets or towels on the floor as a drying surface for the dampened cushions.

Pre-treat any special problem areas with the appropriate Rug Doctor solutions.

Set up:
For deep cleaning, add 150ml of Upholstery Cleaner (1/2 cup) per 10 Litres of hot tap water. Do not use water hot enough to scald or burn skin. Apply as directed by machine instructions. Tested in leading consumer deep cleaning or hot water extraction machines. Mix only with water. The lower tank C capacity for the Rug Doctor Mighty Pro is 10 Litres
Disconnect the machine’s large vacuum hose. Reconnect the top portion to the large vacuum hose of hand tool. H Slide down the brass “quick coupler” ring and pull out the small solution hose. Slide down the ring again to insert the metal end of the hand tool solution hose I (ILLUS. 11). Release the brass ring to secure. Tug gently on the hose to make certain the connection is secure.

Remove the white UPPER tank B, mix Rug Doctor Upholstery Cleaner in a clean bucket according to label directions and pour into LOWER tank C.
Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Rug Doctor Anti-Foam to white UPPER tank B. Slip the tank back in place and seal the tank and clear dome D securely by replacing the retaining wire A.

Plug in the power cord and position the machine. Refer to the label on top of the machine E. Turn on the machine by pressing the “ON” switch for UPHOLSTERY/ HAND TOOL cleaning on the top of the machine.

Test upholstery for colorfastness by first cleaning a small, hidden area, then rubbing the test area with a white paper towel. If no colour appears, continue cleaning. A little colour on the towel means there’s some chance of colour running, but it’s likely you can still clean safely. Try using cool or cold water and test again with a white paper towel.

Working at a slow, steady pace, begin cleaning by squeezing the hand tool lever as you pull the tool over fabric (ILLUS.12). Overlap strokes slightly.

As you clean, with the vacuum on, squirt or vacuum a small amount of Rug Doctor Anti-Foam into the small (vacuum) opening of the hand tool every few minutes to minimize suds build up in the vacuum hose. If foam builds up around the hand tool, pull slightly faster or vacuum excess solution by passing over theĀ area a second time without squeezing the lever on the hand tool.

When cleaning is complete, switch the machine OFF. Disconnect both of the hoses from the machine. Holding the hose ends over a sink, squeeze the hand tool trigger until all liquid is drained. To drain and clean the machine, refer to the Cleaning Your Machine section.

Reconnect the machine vacuum and solution hoses.

NOTE: For velvet upholstery, fluff up damp pile with a soft brush or towel to keep from matting.