Quick guide

DO NOT attempt to repair the machine –
Contact Rug Doctor SA for assistance:
+27 72 753 2787

There is no power to the machine:

    1. Make sure the power switch on top of the machine is “On”
    2. Check that the power point being used has not tripped
    3. Check the three-point plug on machine cord to ensure that there are no loose connections
    4. If using an extension cord it might be faulty
    5. Plug points in the kitchen area always have the highest voltage
    6. Do not push Reset button


The machine is tripping the electricity

  1. Please test the machine at a kitchen plug point as the circuit breakers can withstand a higher current than the circuit breakers in the rest of the house
  2. Machine wiring is wet due to over filling of dirty tank and lack of using Anti-Foam Leave machine off for some time to dry
  3. If using an extension cord it might be faulty or it may be too long cause overheating due to low voltage
  4. Loose wiring inside three-point plug on cord of the machine


The machine is not spraying water

    1. Clean hot water and detergent must be added to the Red Tank only (Bottom) The white tank (top) is for the disposal of dirty water only
    2. Check that the brass connector (Coupler) at the back of the machine is securely fastened by pulling on the clear tube
    3. Check that all pipes are fitted securely
    4. Press Spray button for few seconds before it will start spraying
    5. When cleaning carpets button on top of machine must be down at “Carpet Cleaning”
    6. When cleaning Upholstery button on top of machine must be down at “Hand Tool” use
    7. If there is a blockage inside the machine, please do not try to unblock


Machine is leaking water:

    1. When the carpets switch is “On” the red button on top of the handle must be held down while pulling the machine backwards for vibrating brush and spraying water
    2. Ensure that the Carpet/Upholstery switch is adjusted for the cleaning job you are busy with – either carpets or upholstery
    3. Make sure all connections fitted securely
    4. If the white tank (top) is overfilled the overflow/exhaust at the back, bottom right of the machines will spray water and foam – please empty white tank (top), add antifoam, replace tank and run machine to drain overflow water and foam
    5. Always use Anti Foam in the white tank (top)


Machine is not sucking up the water:

    1. Check that the black Vacuum switch is “On”
    2. Check that the retaining wire is clipped in place on top of the clear dome to ensure that the dome is properly sealed against the white tank (Top)
    3. Check that the grey vacuum hose at the back of the machine is secure
    4. Grey Filter inside the Clear Dome must be clean above white tank
    5. Suction at bottom is not blocked

Loss of Water Pressure

    1. Make sure red tank (bottom) is full